Modular Facilities

Zeroed’s modular solutions further support capabilities within the Defence and Police Training space, including 2D modular shoot houses, and containerised armoury and ammunition storage systems. These solutions provide advanced capability for the growing requirement for facilities within Australia and ensure the needs of end-users are met across the country.


Custom designed and built modular ranges accommodate static fixed firing lines through to fully tactical live-fire training. Weather-tight, interlocking modules create a framework designed to support all the necessary equipment on the range, while meeting the same expectations to that of traditional construction methods. 

ARCAS™ is a custom-designed solution to compliment range features and options common to conventional ranges builds including floor to ceiling ballistic steel for critical coverage, range ventilation, steel or rubber bullet traps, integrated target systems, shooting stalls, advanced range controls, sound treatment and range lighting.


ARCAS™ EXT is designed to meet specific training needs for users seeking a compact range footprint, without sacrificing live-fire capability
Options for single extended module configurations make it easy to achieve a range up to three lanes wide and 100m long.

Each purpose-built module is made to order from new materials, never from repurposed shipping containers, ensuring incomparable quality and longevity.

Standard features include floor to ceiling AR500 steel for critical coverage, steel or rubber bullet traps, target systems, advanced range control, sound treatment and range lighting


ARCAS™ MBL is a self-contained firearms training range designed for long life on the open road.

At 14.6m long, this module is designed for compliance with Australian Design Rules (ADR) while maintaining the strictest ballistic and environmental standards.

The onboard HEPA filtered ventilation system exceeds OSHA and NIOSH standards. Sound treatment makes the sound of training comfortable inside and out.

A single ARCAS™ MBL can accommodate up to three shooters with a 7m or 10m training distance. The dual trailer configuration provides 25m training.


ARCAS™ DLX is an improved way of providing a modular small arms range.

By turning the modules sideways and using purpose-built structures that support every component, vertical columns are eliminated to provide a truly tactical training environment.

Each ARCAS™ DLX module is 3.6m wide by up to 18m long and offers up to 14 lanes of uninterrupted space.

This design accommodates wider lanes and higher ceilings while meeting DoD Unified Facility Criteria (UFC) 4-179-02 for indoor small arms firing ranges and ETL 11-18 small arms range design and construction.

This range comes equipped to deliver your specific training requirements with Action Target’s suite of equipment.

Modular Armoury and Weapons Stores

Zeroed’s custom designed solution of modular armouries and explosive ordinance facilities ensure end-user requirements are met throughout design, supply and commissioning.

Built to conventional ISO container sizing for simplicity in future relocation, or custom sized to any user requirement with interconnected modules, the systems are fully manufactured off-site, providing a self-contained solution with minimal site commissioning requirements.

The units are designed to meet Australian and International standards for storage of firearms and explosive ordinance and come equipped with end-user specified weapons racking, workshop countertops, pallet door access and various lighting and ventilation configurations.