Zeroed provide expert advice and guidance on the design and construction of modern shooting range and live fire training facilities to meet industry and Australian standards.

Our turn-key capability, alongside our building experience, ensures we are able to deliver projects of all sizes and scales, from remediation and retrofitting to new range design and builds.

Providing retrofit, remediation and new builds for product development and testing

Under the building services of Manteena, who hold licences in every state of Australia, Zeroed can deliver every part of shooting range projects under a single contractor, allowing for full integration of range elements without the hassle of engaging multiple contractors.

Zeroed’s product range and capability for Industry include:

Bullet Traps


Our bullet traps are designed to receive bullets safely, reliably, and consistently under all conditions and in all calibres appropriate to your shooting and training needs.

Shooting Range Management


Our advanced control systems effectively manage target operation, airflow, lighting and building management systems.

Range Ventilation


Our compliant range ventilation systems ensure safety of users while providing a comfortable environment.

Shooting Stalls


Zeroed offer the most diverse range of shooting stalls available, with the highest safety ratings and most customisable options. Independent ballistic testing and advanced designs ensure that shooters stay safe and comfortable in your range.

Sound Abatement


Zeroed offer a variety of sound abatement fascia options that make the range more comfortable for users and offer a clean, finished look. Materials are available in a number of thicknesses and colours to your range design.

Target Retrievers


Our advanced, wirelessly operated, self-driven target retriever systems have vast configurations options and customisable features including unique lighting, camera feedback, in booth control, strike watch technology and 360-degree rotation target.