Firearm Clearance Traps (FaCT)

Zeroed’s Firearm Clearance Trap (FaCT) is a completely modular light weight solution for safely unloading firearms.

Incorporating a proprietary ballistic panelling solution, the FaCT is NATA ballistic tested and certified to arrest projectiles from pistol through to rifle rounds, providing users the reassurance of operating in a safe environment for weapons handling.

Deployable, modular solution to firearm safety

Designed for flat-pack delivery via air and sea-freight, the FaCT does not require any speciality tooling for assembly or onsite fabrication and can be installed in a matter of hours. As a free standing modular system, the FaCT can be provided in either single unit configuration or multiple units assembled side-by-side.

Various configurations are available to meet the structural loading demands of ground level or multi-level building slabs with the FaCT Lite imposing as little as 3.6 kPA.