Zeroed’s turn-key approach to shooting range and live fire training facilities provides Defence clients the capability to enhance training areas and facilities to maintain world-class training and development programs. Our solutions increase access to dynamic and realistic training for brigades and operational units in a way that is sustainable, flexible and safe for users.

Led by Australian and New Zealander Veterans with construction and combat backgrounds within Defence, the Zeroed team have a unique understanding of the requirements of Defence training facilities. We understand and appreciate user needs from a training progression and operational perspective, along with the importance of reducing risk and increasing safety of live-fire training areas.

Zeroed aims to balance the needs of Defence by providing realistic training scenarios in a controlled and safe environment, from ab initio training through to operational preparations within the ‘Ready’ Brigade.

Zeroed offers single, complete solutions for upgrading existing training facilities, as well as designing and constructing new facilities. Our retrofit capability creates opportunities for Defence to upgrade current facilities to enhance training outcomes whilst retaining access to existing infrastructure.

Enhance training facilities and development programs through our turn-key approach

In partnership with Action Target, Zeroed’s modular and scalable offerings ensure Defence facilities are tailored to each unique end-user requirement, providing opportunities to build capability within permanent, Reserve and remotely-located forces.

Zeroed’s product range and capability for Defence groups include:

Modular Range Systems (ARCAS)


Our turnkey modular ranges systems are scalable to meet specific project requirements with up to 14 lanes and up to 100m of shooting range distance. This deluxe configuration features an open-bay concept that does not require vertical supports mid-range and can be built with fewer modules than its competitors. The fully open, tactical design with cross lane 270-degree shooting, ensures that ARCAS meets all the operational and functional demands of a conventional range design.

In the Defence context, this provides training systems that are scalable and dynamic, which can be relocated to meet training needs across Australia at any time.

Location of Miss and Hit
(LOMAH) Target Systems


Advanced operators including static and moving infantry target systems equipped with LOMAH capabilities provide advance user training with an extremely high level of accuracy. Pop up and rotation units offer full scope functionality of for basic through to advance level scenario programmability with interface to external range management systems.

Steel Decelerator Bullet Trap Systems


Zeroed offer the safest, strongest and most reliable steel decelerator bullet trap system available. The Action Target Total Containment Trap allows for full cross lane shooting and efficient bullet collection through advanced waste retrieval systems. Dust Collection Units (DCU) apply a negative pressure, to draw lead dust from the trap and deposits it into a containment system ready for recycling.

Advanced Range Command Systems


User-friendly software interfaces allow uncomplicated use of pre-programmed training scenarios or scenarios written and modified by you in the field in just seconds. The range officer can create up to 100 training scenarios, control lighting, sound effects, video inputs, and the security features of the range. This eliminates concern for computer crashes, disk and mouse failures, viruses and the expense of technical support associated with personal computers

Shoot Houses


Action Target’s MATCH™ is a 360°, live fire, ballistically safe, shoot house designed for teaching and learning close quarter skills, including room clearing and hallway navigation, with realism and safety. By combining realistic walls, doors, rooms, and hallways into custom configurations, Action Target has created a realistic training environment that is critical to developing the confidence and conditioned responses needed for survival.

Shoot House Target Systems


Portable bullet traps extend the life of the shoot house by capturing rounds in an easy to maintain facade. Strategic placement of bullet traps can reduce the number of rounds fired into the shoot house walls by as much as 90%. The trap can accommodate Action Target’s reactive AutoTarget system for advanced live-fire and simmunition training.